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CEFA is excited that Kanga & Emmy have completed their Australia-wide constitutional treasure hunt. Our iconic national treasures can safely return to their home, the Australian Coat of Arms. They have become national constitutional referendum 2023 heroes and stars.  Symbolically, the Australian Coat of Arms represents the representative and responsible Australian system of government, serving the Australian people, and always striving to move the nation forward. Watch Episode 9 and join the celebrations as informed voters unite behind five referendum constitutional treasures.

For those of you who have completed our entire referendum 2023 quiz program, and identified the five constitutional treasures within it, you are now officially an informed voter! If you register with the  program you will receive your very own informed voter badge! Not quite sure of some of the constitutional facts? Have a look at the recently launched glossary section of the website and brush up on your constitutional facts and definitions.

Before returning to the coat of arms, and due to popular demand, Kanga and Emmy interviewed two outstanding Australians who are very important people for understanding the Australian Constitution.

Associate Professor Murray Wesson, from the University of Western Australia Law School, helps Kanga & Emmy discover just how wise and important expert constitutional lawyers and professors are. Complex constitutional ideas, critical to the workings of Australian democracy and system of government, such as the rule of law and the separation of powers, are explained in the peoples’ language. We are confident, those watching this interview, will discover something new about referendums and voting.

When Kanga & Emmy interview Queensland teacher Erin Cassablanca they find out just how smart (and fun!)  Australian teachers are. Kanga is in for a gentle rebuke when he thinks freedom in democracy means he can do what he likes!  By exploring the Australian curriculum subject Civics and Citizenship, as it is taught in our Australian schools, we learn our citizenship responsibilities include doing our best to do the right thing through making informed voting decisions. We might take it for granted that obeying rules and laws make our daily lives safer and fairer, encouraging a tolerant and harmonious national society. But perhaps we don’t reflect enough on important Australian citizenship values such as respect, courtesy, kindness, and listening to everyone’s point of view, even if we don’t agree with it!  Every one of us, whether in our homes, schools, local community or on the Australian or global stage, can benefit from thinking about just how lucky we are to belong to the Australian democracy.

Perhaps, in their own small way, Kanga, Emmy, and their friends might encourage us all toward a better future as a member of the Australian community. Our Australian story tells us that a democracy, when made up of informed voters, and active citizens, results in our nation improving and moving forward united by our system of government.

Can you help us spread our constitutional treasures and nationally significant messages? Please forward CEFA’s invitation, through your preferred social media platforms, encouraging family, friends and work colleagues, to join our Constitutional Civics Australia Edutainment program.  United under our great Australian Constitution, and as informed voters, we can recognise and treasure our past constitutional achievements, celebrate our contemporary democratic rights, and continue to move forward. Together we can ensure that grateful generations of the future will continue to live together under our peaceful and enlightened Australian system of government.