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The Australian Constitution is certainly in the spotlight with a referendum to be held later this year. From Thursday 29 June, and up to referendum day, a range of constitutional-neutral e-learning materials will be streamed fortnightly accompanied by animations. The aim is to engage Australians and enhance their understanding of Australia’s democratic systems, the Constitution, and voting generally. Watch the promotion animation and join the program:

“Wanted: Australians to join a fantastical constitutional treasure hunt!

Our iconic characters Kanga, the Kangaroo, and Emmy, the Emu have escaped from the Australian Coat of Arms to seek out answers to burning questions about referendum processes, the Australian Constitution, and the system of government.

All who register with “Civics Australia – Find Out the Constitutional Facts Program” will participate in constitutional adventures and the excitement of discovering the past and present. Register now with the Civics Australia – Find Out the Facts Program to join Kanga and Emmy on adventures across the country and discover more about Australia’s constitutional story.
Your mission? To take the quest, finish the adventure, beat the game, and become an informed voter.

CEFA brings to this special 2023 education program its significant experience in civics teaching about Australia’s processes of government, the Constitution, and constitutional history. CEFA welcomes the opportunity to provide essential information to Australians about referendum processes, the workings of the Constitution, and our system of government. University constitutional experts have been contracted to approve all materials published in the program and ensure constitutional accuracy at all times.

The program will be distributed through social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok. The animations will be supported by fact sheets, blogs and quizzes all available on the program website.

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