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Australians to join a fantastical constitutional treasure hunt!

Our iconic characters Kanga, the Kangaroo, and Emmy, the Emu have escaped from the Australian Coat of Arms to seek out answers to burning questions about referendum processes, the Australian Constitution, and the system of government.

All who register with “Civics Australia – Find Out the Constitutional Facts Program” will participate in constitutional adventures and the excitement of discovering the past and present. Register now with the Civics Australia – Find Out the Facts Program to join Kanga and Emmy on adventures across the country and discover more about Australia’s constitutional story.

Your mission? To take the quest, finish the adventure, beat the game and become an informed voter.


Follow the Quest

Episode 1:
Wanted: Australians to join a fantastical constitutional treasure hunt!

Episode 2:
What the heck is a referendum?

Episode 3:
How important is a referendum to Australian democracy?

Episode 4:
Referendum double majority voting and what is a plebiscite?

Episode 5:
Introducing the three key institutions of government and the separation of powers

Episode 6:
Constitution powers of the parliament, the Executive, and the Judicature

Episode 7:
The right, opportunity, and responsibility to vote in a referendum

Episode 8:
Kanga and Emmy explore compulsory voting and the secret ballot.

Episode 9:
Celebrating the five Australian constitutional treasures



Discover just how important are the constitutional facts that explain how our system of government works under the rule of law, the separation of powers, and responsible and representative government. After listening to  Professor Wesson, you too can join the Australian constitutional journey as an informed and empowered voter.


EVERY VOTE COUNTS: How important is voter knowledge for a united, peaceful, and tolerant Australian democracy?

Find the answers by joining Kanga & Emmy as they question this fun, knowledgeable, and engaging teacher guest. Explore civics &citizenship education and Australian democratic communities that value a tolerant civics discourse, a fair go, and justice for all under the rule of law.